Project Name


  • type

    International Competition

  • year


  • organizer

    Atelier Albania, National Territorial Planning Agency

  • location

    Berat, Albania

  • award

    1st Prize

  • in collaboration with

    CoRDA, UNLAB, Openfabric

Project Details

Lifelines / Between Memory and Transformation

Approaching an island does not mean to approach a defined fragment of territory. An island is part of the larger organism of the river, and the river is the natural element under our spotlight. In our proposal we start by addressing a more resilient water system that can absorb risks and vulnerabilities and develop its own cultural and recreational identity. Osumi Island is part of it; its context makes the island unique. The UNESCO heritage site and the urban context integrates with the natural system of the river, generating an all new range of scenarios and a new cultural gravity. The objectives are to manage water through the potential redrawing of a number of flood zones; and deliver co-benefits -that enhance Berat and other cities. These are replicable innovations that can help guide the communities on a sustainable path to living with water.

The project redefines the public space of the city of Berat, introducing more space for temporary & fixed uses. Following the logic introduced by the project the new bridge, the “frame” and the path connecting Bulevardi Republika are considered “fixed /established” spaces that offer ground to “temporary /mobile” events. The space within the frame, defined by its natural temporality offers changing/ transformable spaces and fixed events.

Team: Andreas Faoro, Francesca Rizzetto, Daniel Martin de los Rios, Giula Vanzetto, Francesco Garofalo, Barbara Costantino, Emanuele Paladin, Olivier Sobels, Lou Besancon, Valbona Koçi, Jurtin Hajro, Artan Hysa, Sokol Dervishi, Fiona Mali, Gentian Kica, Kreshnik Merxhani, Arjan van Timmeren, Fransje Hooimeijer, Endri Zhuleku.

For more, take a look at the publication of Atelier Albania / National Territorial Planning Agency below:

Three Columns