Project Name


  • type

    Business Hotel

  • status

    Under construction

  • client

    Rubin Lica, Elton Lica

  • location

    Tirana, Albania

Project Details

Habitat Hotel is situated in Tirana, within 15 minutes from the city center, in vicinity of the new ring road that encircles the city. Located in the “Delijorgji Residential Complex”, it occupies the first two floors of the north-western building facing Lana River and features services adequate to the its business character: lounge area, bar, restaurant, meeting/conference room, spa, etc. The variety of room sizes and compositions has been carefully studied and selected to serve the needs of its customers.  

The principles of contextualism were merged with the use of materials representing local urban landmarks, applied in a sleek and modern approach throughout the project. The atmosphere of each space is enhanced by the usage of haptic materials, such as: stone, brass, and terracotta panels. Refined application of brass accents particular surfaces in the main entrance, reception, and hallways. While terracotta, apart from serving as a wall cladding element, also gains an elaborate installation quality.

Team: Jurtin Hajro, Klajdi Beja, Ardiola Bardhoshi, Premton Braha, Jona Osmani, Olsi Aluku

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