Project Name


  • type


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  • client

    Panto SH.P.K.

  • location

    Mullet, Tiranë

  • in collaboration with

    Re/Lab, Class Construction

Project Details

EQUOS Resort sits on the hills of the village of Mullet in Tirana. Formerly known as Panto Resort, EQUOS is a multi-service area that blends in the landscape. The project has been developed steadily and it focuses on the adaptation and renovation of existing structures, as well as addition of new buildings and spaces. EQUOS features multiple functions such as: a waterpark with several thematic pools and bars; a playground for children and adults; horse stalls; a manege; accommodation spaces; gastronomic and culinary spaces; a wedding hall, etc.

Team: Jurtin Hajro, Gentian Kica, Olsi Aluku, Premton Braha, Ronilda Dedvukaj, Ardiola Bardhoshi, Hydajet Tota, Rudina Breçani, Jona Osmani

Three Columns