Project Name


  • type

    Interdisciplinary Exhibition

  • time period

    July, 2017

  • commisioner

    Ministry of Culture of Albania

  • organised by:

    Municipality of Korça

  • partner

    The Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • location

    Rinia Park, Korça, Albania

Project Details

The aim of the  symposium was the creation of sculpture and architecture artifacts. In one of the public areas of the city there were installed 5 sculptures and 5 light structures – Pavilions. Throughout this confrontation it is conveyed the sensibility which finds roots at the urban aesthetical values in Korça, the city of experience. After many years of cultivating and promoting sculpture as public art, and after many initiatives of regenerating public spaces via architecture, Korça makes an appropriate place, where this interdisciplinary dialogue can be situated and materialized. This dialogue is set on a common ground, to communicate and create: Pavilion Days in Korça through Modeling the Idea. Beyond the realization of the artifacts, the event aimed to create discussion spaces among architects, sculptors academics and students opened for public participation.

Jurtin Hajro (Architect)
Fiona Mali (Architect)
Genti Tavanxhiu (Sculptor)

Jurtin Hajro (Architect)
Genti Tavanxhiu (Sculptor)

Premton Braha (Designer)
Blerina Mali (Event Advisor)


A: Martin Sobota (The Netherlands)
S: Chang Shu-Wei (Taiwan)

A: Dorian Tytymçe (Albania)
S: Jina Lee (Australia)

A: Arman Akdogan (Turkey/The Netherlands)
S: Chu Jiang (China)

A: Francesca Benedetto (Milan)
S: Takeshi Kubo (Japan)

S: Kei Nakamura (Japan)

Three Columns