Project Name


  • type

    Residential village

  • location

    Ndroq, Tiranë

  • status

    Project Idea

  • client

    Al-Diyar Real Estate

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Project Details

Located in Mënik (Ndroq), the “Stepping Gardens” Residences proposal sits on a hillside approximately 13 km away from Tirana.  The ensemble is made of diverse residential units accompanied with public spaces and social facilities such as a local store, a cafeteria, a fitness room and a praying room to serve the needs of a small community.

The design proposal deals directly with the three dimensional topographic problem which develops in the axis of landscape apertures and functional relationships as well as with the contextualization of the natural qualities of the place. Providing each villette with the necessary outdoor/indoor spaces, called for the optimization of the site and the division into individual plots. From the main road departs a network of internal passages. Many streets and alleys form private courtyards and entrances. All the houses are connected by pedestrian walkways passing through each level.

The Villettes compose a common courtyard, and are linked to each other through paths. Each house has a straight relation with the gardens from its most used spaces, the living area and the master bedroom. The arrangement of the rows of the villettes using the eastern directed topography slope allowed to achieve the privacy of the terraced gardens. The landscape of the public areas arrangement is fed from the same contextual features. It is aimed to achieve a display that is suited for the genetic pattern of the scheme which is mostly smoothly terraced.

Three Columns