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    International Competition

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  • organizer

    Atelier Albania, National Territorial Planning Agency

  • award

    1st Prize

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Project Details

Common Gardens along the Boulevard “Martyrs of the Nation”
Inspired by Holy Books and Religious Cohabitation

The Park itself is a common space, we define the concept of collective space as neither private nor public. We think we can find the COMMON in the threshold between public and private spaces, within the huge monumental heritage of the historic city, a place to be reused through architecture.

The design proposal here defines a freed space, temporary and permanent, that dialogues with the buildings, defining a place that could be an area of work and discussion, a place to share knowledge, produce a quality that can oppose the demands of the market. No shopping malls, neither just museums, but places where life, culture, politics are absorbed in a continuous space of relations, the common space.

demonumentalizing – a new matrix
“De-monumentalizing” the boulevard and surroundings is an act of ideological detournement: it is appropriated from its original function to celebrate constituted powers, and addressed to the dignity of those who work in the city.

the sensorial experience
The ability to move, say, think or do anything in response to an action makes an event a reaction. A reaction cannot exist in the absence of an action. The primary attitude of the action is of being charged with the opposite sign of the action. The actions usually impose dominance for a certain time and the will to equilibrate this dominance is responded by the reaction itself.

Team: Andreas Faoro, Francesca Rizzetto, Jurtin Hajro, Endri Zhuleku, Astrid Engelhard Hölzer, Naiara Valcarlos, Chiara Cirrone, Carlotta Di Jesu, Pawel Panfiluk, Enrico Glerean, Claudio Rocchetti, Gazmend Aga

For more, take a look at the publication of Atelier Albania / National Territorial Planning Agency below:

Three Columns